FRANK FOSTER'S LOUD MINORITY BIG BAND <-Besides everything else, czech out the pictures!
Frank Foster, leader, arranger
Bruce Williams, lead alto sax
Joe Ford, alto sax
Bill Saxton, tenor sax
Keith Loftis, tenor sax
James Stewart, baritone sax
Frank Greene, lead trumpet
Derrick Gardner, trumpet
Kenyatta Beasley, trumpet
Jeremy Pelt, trumpet *
Cecil Bridgewater, trumpet **
Vincent Gardner, lead trombone
Clark Gaton, trombone
Stafford Hunter, trombone
Bill Lowe, bass trombone, tuba
Daniel Mixon, piano
Earl May, bass
Sylvia Cuenca, drums
with special guests
Jon Faddis, trumpet
Dennis Rowland, vocals (Dennis Rowland is a Concord recording artist and appears courtesy of Concord)
Paul Hines, equipment manager, band aide
ALBUM: WE DO IT DIFF'RENT <-click to hear some samples
(And Frank-ly, I am glad you do the things you do, the way you do)

1. G’on An’ Git It Y’all (F.Foster) 4:33 solos: D.Mixon, piano and C.Gaton, trumpet, arr: F.Foster
2. Stella By Starlight* (N.Wahington/V.Young) 7:38 solos: J.Pelt, trumpet; arr: F.Foster
3. Wild Women Don’t Worry (I.Cox) 7:02 vocals: D.Rowland; solos: J.Faddis, trumpet and B.Saxton, tenor sax; arr: D.Carley
(Wild Women NEVER get the blues)
4. Fos’ Alarm (F.Foster) 4:44 solos: J.Stewart, bari sax; arr: F.Foster
5. Lover (L.Hart/R.Rodgers) 6:42 solos: B.Saxton, tenor sax and S.Cuenca, drums arr: F.Foster
6. Shiny Stockings** (F.Foster) 11:29 - vocals: D.Rowland; solos: C.Bridgewater, trumpet and B.Saxton, tenor sax; arr: F.Foster
(One of my personal favorites, and an eleven minute version, WOW!)
7. Where Or When (L.Hart/R.Rodgers) 4:11 - vocals: D.Rowland; arr: F.Foster
8. Cecilia Is Love (F.Foster) 9:39 solos: J.Faddis, trumpet, J.Stewart, bari sax and D.Mixon, piano; arr: F.Foster
(Cecilia-his wife-must especially love this, along with the rest of the population)
9. You Go To My Head (J.F.Coots/H.Gillespie) 6:26 vocals: D.Rowland; solos: D.Gardner, trombone; arr: F.Foster
(Always a Favorite)
10. Skull-Doug-Ery (F.Foster) 5:15 solos: K.Loftis, tenor sax and D.Mixon, piano; arr: F.Foster
(This one I know is good, because I have heard it, and just by the soloists chosen for this release)