Here's the latest bday list (Celebrating their birthdays in LIBRA, and who have signed or will sign the calendar soon--
The band I have seen them with is in parenthesis, or Chicago, if they play locally here.
There are a few exceptions that have not signed the calendar that I mention.


My own jazz Bday calendar when released will have complete Bday database documentation such as where born, what year, for signatures and those jazz greats that have passed or I have yet to meet and register in the jazz calendar data warehouse.

HELP me out with the ones that are question marks

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LIBRA - AIR September 23-October 23

09/23 Les McCann, keyboards (leader)

09/23 Frank Foster, sax, composer (leader)

Exception 09/23 have to mention tenor John Coltrane,

09/24 Taylor Eigsti, piano (Red Holloway)

09/25 Aaron Getsug, barisax (Chicago, Ernest Dawkins)

09/25 Steve Koerner, sax

09/25 Tyrone Hines, tenorsax (Chicago, Burgess Gardner Orchestra)

09/25 Craig Handy, alto soprano (Mingus Orchestra)

09/26 Gary Bartz, sax (Sphere, Malachi Thompson, Miles Davis, leader)

09/26 Nicholas Payton, trumpet (leader)

09/26 Dante Luciani, trombone (Woody Herman's Thundering Herd)

09/27 Matt Wilson, drums (Dewey Redman)

09/28 Sam Walton, trombone (Chicago)

09/29 BJ Stewart, piano (NCL jazz cruise)

09/29 Greg Rockingham, drums (Chicago, Henry Johnson)

09/30 Patrice Rushin, piano, (Buster Williams, leader)

?10/01 David Grilly, saxes (Chicago)

10/02 Ben Willis, bass (Chicago, David Young)

10/03 Von Freeman, sax (leader)

10/03 Judy Roberts, vocals, keyboards (Chicago)

10/03 Mark Lewis

10/03 Issac Smith, trombone (Benny Golson)

10/04 Rose Brady, vocalist (Chicago)

10/06 Alex Gilbert, tenor sax (Chicago, Rob Parten)

10/06 James Wendell Robinson, drums (David Newman)

10/06 Matt Panizzotti, guitar (DePaul Big Band)

?10/06/62 D Prince

10/07 Steve Abshire, guitar (Duffy Jackson, Jazz Cruise)

10/07 Ami Baraka, poet (leader)

10/08 Steven Bernstein, trombone (NY Sex Mobs)

10/09 Kenny Garrett, sax (leader)

Exception 10/10 have to mention pianist Thelonius Monk

Exception 10/10 have to mention trumpeter Harry Sweets Edison

10/10 Junior Mance (leader, jazz cruise)

10/10 Donald Edwards, drums (Mingus Dynasty Orchestra)

10/10 Doug Yates, bass clarinet (Mingus Dynasty Orchestra)

10/10 Oscar Brown Jr. poet (Chicago)

10/10 Johnny O'Neal, piano (leader)

10/10 George Fludas, drums (Chicago-etc)

10/10 me, Rebecca Hope. vibes, writer, jazz recordings, jazz enthusiast

10/11 Mwata Bowden, multireedist (leader)

10/11 Jordan Baskin, piano (Chicago, Jeff Parker)

?10/11/56 RJ

10/12 Harry Allen, sax (leader)

10/12 Paul Humphrey, drums (Red Holloway, jazz cruise)

? 10/12/35 Li Taylor

10/12 Marvelous Mack, blues keyboards vocals (Anthony Burress wedding)

10/13 Ray Brown, bass (yes he's on the 2001 calendar)

10/15 Freddie Cole, piano, vocals (leader0

10/15 Bill Charlap, piano (leader)
10/15 Thomas Palmer, bass and consistent email pal (Chicago, LA, etc)

10/16 Ron Haynes? trumpet (Chicago)

10/16 Cpt Bob Johnson, bass (Chicago)

10/17 Joseph Bowie, trombone (Ethnic Heritage, Defunkt)

10/18 Wynton Marsalis, trumpet (leader)

?10/19/81 E Tremblous?

10/19 Mark Tuttle, sax (Chicago, Sabertooth)

10/20 Endre Rice, tpt, (Count Basie Orchestra)

10/21 Tarus Mateen, bass (Stefon Harris)

10/21 William Perry, sax (Chicago leader)

10/21 Fred Hamilton, guitar (Faculty Qunitet)

?10/22 Devere Pride

?10/23 Joe P guitar, trumpet (Chicago John Bany)