Here's the latest bday list (Celebrating their birthdays in SCORPIO, and who have signed or will sign the calendar soon--
The band I have seen them with is in parenthesis, or Chicago, if they play locally here.
There are a few exceptions that have not signed the calendar that I mention.


My own jazz Bday calendar when released will have complete Bday database documentation such as where born, what year, for signatures and those jazz greats that have passed or I have yet to meet and register in the jazz calendar data warehouse.

HELP me out with the ones that are question marks

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SCORPIO - WATER October 24-November 22

10/24 John Whitfield, bass (Chicago)

10/24 Ethan Goldman, sax (Chicago David Young)

10/24 Claude Black, piano (Toledo)

10/25 Jimmy Heath, sax (leader)

10/25 Kenny Hing, sax (Count Basie Orchestra)

10/25 Rob Eubanks, trombone (leader)

10/26 Mike LeDonne, piano (Benny Golson)

10/26 Eddie Henderson, trumpet (Billy Harper)

? 10/26/72 Ree

? 10/26/64 Shelly C____ Count Basie

10/26 Art Davis, trumpet (Chicago)

10/27 Robert "Baabe" Irving III, keyboards, trombone (leader)

10/27 Scotty Barnhart, trumpet (leader, Count Basie Orchestra)

10/27 Nate Lawrence, (quad city jazz association)

10/28 Isaiah Spencer, drums (Maurice Brown, David Boykin, Ernest Dawkins)

10/28 David Hazellti

10/29 Thaddus Franklin, trumpet (Chicago Hornhouse)

10/31 Art Hillary, piano (Red Holloway, jazz cruisel)

10/31 John Williams, sax Count Basie

11/01 Lou Donaldson, sax (leader)

11/01 Priscilla Allen, friend of jazz (Count Basie Orchestra)

? 11/01/71 Antonio J...

11/02 Phil Woods (leader, with Bill Charlap Trio)

11/02 Paul M Ellington (leader, Duke Ellington Orchestra)

11/02 Ernest Dawkins, misc reeds percussion (leader)

11/02 Gebhard Ullman misc reeds (leader-Germany)

11/02 Kurt Elling, vocals (leader)

11/03 Larry Kohut, bass (Chicago, Johnny Frigo)

11/04 Michael Brignola, baritone sax (Woody Herman Orchestra)

11/04 Davido Abdo, bass (Bill Bell-quad cities)

11/05 Reginald Veal, bass (Branford, Wynton, misc wonders)

11/05 Fukushi Tainaka (Lou Donaldson, jazz cruise)

? 11/06/82 Hirograde Tatum, trumpet

11/08 Russell Malone, guitar (leader)

? 11/08/76 Ernie Harold

11/09/51 Wally Gator Watson - Chicago blues

11/09 Larry Wechsler, B3, jazz interviews and films

11/10 Houston Person, sax (leader)

11/11 Kahil El'zabar, drums percussion (leader)

11/11 Sharon Irving, vocals (Chicago)

11/11 Joe Corsello, drums (Joyce DiCamillo Trio, jazz cruise)

11/11 Terrell Stafford, tpt (leader)

Exception 11/13 have to mention bassist Sam Jones--may still get his bday signature

11/13 Idris Muhummed, drums (classic with many legends)

? 11/13/57 Roger Inzrusen

11/14 Ellis Marsalis, piano

11/14 George Cables, piano (jazz cruise and with lengendary Dexter)

11/15 Kevin Eubanks, guitar

11/15 Richard Reid, 7/8 bass, (Red Holloway, jazz cruise)

11/15 Rueben Rogers, bass (Nicholas Peyton)

11/16 Walter Savage, bass (leader, with Mary Stallings, jazz cruise)

? 11/16/69 Byron Lank

? 11/17/80 Paul Stainbalc

11/19 Ieiter Henderson, guitar Ron Haynes

Exception 11/21 have to mention tenor sax Coleman Hawkins

11/22 Mel Wanzo, trombone (Count Basie, Jaugernaut Band, etc)

? 11/22/55 Orvril Jaric