ARTS FOR ART VISION FESTIVAL  “A Vision Against Violence”

2003 ~ Vision For Peace ~ Jeanne Lee Memorial


WHERE:  @ The Center
268 Mulberry St
between Prince and Houston Street
New York City


WHEN:  Wed. May 21st - Mon. May 26th   2003





Thursday May 22 - 5pm -7pm

7 Visual Artists 7 Views at Vision 8
Kiernan Costello,  Susan Mastrangelo, Yuko Otomo, Jorgo Schafer,
 Jeff Schlanger, Marilyn Sontag, and Jo Wood Brown


Downstairs at the Center
May 24 - May 25 - May 26 @ 3pm




Wednesday May 21

7:30   Joseph Jarman Opening Invocation

8:00   Joe Maneri Trio / Matt Maneri / Randy Peterson / Christine Coppola dance


9:00   Poet Carl Hancock Rux / DJ Spooky


10:00 Billy Bang Sextet Featuring Frank Lowe with Todd Nicholson, Andrew Bemkey, Tyshawn Sorey, and Tatsuya Nakatani


11:00 Patty Waters / Burton Greene / Mark Dresser


Thursday May 22


7:30 Bill Cole Project / Warren Smith drums / Cooper Moore percussion
(Handmade instruments / Patricia Smith poet


8:30pm David S. Ware Quratet with Matthew Shipp, William Parker & Guillermo E. Brown


9:30pm Fred Anderson/Harrison Bankhead DUO


10:30pm The Jemeel Moondoc/Connie Crothers Quintet with Nathan Breedlove, Adam Lane & John McCutcheon



Friday May 23

7:30 Edwin Torres poet / Sean G. Meehan on snare drum


8:30 Kali Fasteau /Mixashawn /Maria Mitchell /Newman Taylor-Baker


9:30 Roy Campbell / Joe McPhee, Warren Smith, William Parker


10:30 Andrew Cyrille / Kidd Jordan / William Parker


11:30 Raphe Malik Quartet Sabir Mateen Larry Rolands Warren Smith



Saturday May 24


3:00 pm  Zak Sherzad 15 minute film WHATS ALL THAT ABOUT ( filmed at vision fest 02) excerpts from last years performance with Peter Kowald, William Parker and Roy Campbell.

(Downstairs at the Center on Mulberry Street $6 at the door)


3:15 pm STEVE GEBHARDT's 83~min. fil m of "ESCALATOR  OVER THE HILL,"   (filmed inO7O, released in O99) Documents CARLA BLEYıs jazz opera in rehearsal, performance, & recording, with

(Downstairs at the Center on Mulberry Street $6 at the door)
 7:30 Amina & Amiri Baraka w/ Blue Ark: The WordShip Dwight West, vocals Rahman Herbie Morgan, Andy McCloud, Vijay Iyer,
 Rudy Walker, guest DJ Spooky


8:30 Rob Brown / William Parker


9:30 Milford Graves / Peter Brotzmann


10:30 Jin Hi Kim Trio, Billy Bang, William Parker


11:30 Louis Belogenis, Roy Campbell, Hill Green, Michael Wimberly


12:30 Improvs: Tatsuya Nakatani, Roy Campbell, Lewis Barnes, Jonathan LaMaster and others


Sunday May 25

3:00 pm  BILL WARRELLıs 60 minute film JAZZ DANCING
Bill Warrell has put together a documentary on JULIUS HEMPHILL and DON PULLEN, Portraits: hosted by Bill T. Jones.
Dancer/choreographer Jones looks at the stage on which modern jazz and modern dance meet. This is done through a study of the careers of
composer/Musicians, Julius Hemphill and Don Pullen.  It  focuses on their
most ambitious works "Long Tongues: A Saxophone Opera", "Last Supper at Uncle Tomıs Cabin: The Promised land", and "Earth Eagle First Circle". It also explores the creation of a new collaboration between Bill T. Jones and Fred Hersch.

(Downstairs at the Center on Mulberry Street $6 at the door)

4:00 pm RUOMI LEE-HAMPELıs 7 minute film, PACE (filmed in 2002)
This  film is about trying to work it out, cause we all  know, it ainıt always easy. Music of JEANNE LEE & GUNTER HAMPEL. RUOMI LEE- HAMPELıs 13 minute, HELL HATH NO FURY (filmed in 2001) Images depicting a cautionary tale are guided by the Voice of JEANNE LEE.


7:30 Thomas Buckner, Roscoe Mitchell, Jerome Cooper, Harrison Bankhead


8:30 Patricia Nicholsonıs PaNic Dance Music Joseph Jarman, Cooper Moore


9:30 Matthew Shipp Quartet, Daniel Carter, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver


10:30 Whit Dickey with Rob Brown, Roy Campbell and Joe Morris


11:30 John Zorn Masada String Trio Mark Feldman Erik Friedlander and Greg Cohen


Monday May 26   ~   Jeanne Lee Memorial

3:00 pm GILLES CORREıS 60 minute film WOMEN IN JAZZ (filmed in 1999)
A film about  the evolution of women in jazz includes footage of JEANNE LEE, JANE  IRA BLOOM , MIYA MASAOKA, ELLEN CHRISTI, JANE BENNETT, MARILYN CRISPELL SUSIE IBARRA, JAYNE CORTEZ and many others.

4:00 pm LAURENCE PETIT~JOUVETıs film , OFF THE ROAD" (Filmed in 2000) This film documents  PETER KOWALD U.S. tour 2000.  It includes footage with RASHIED ALI/ FRED ANDERSON/ HAMID DRAKE/ MARCO ENEIDI/ ALVIN FIELDER/ EDDIE


7:30 Steve Dalachinsky, Poet, Treva Offut dance & vocals, Frederico Ughi drums


8:30 Gunter Hampel Galaxy Dream Band, Perry Robinson, Lou Grassi, Mark Whitecage w/ spoken work Ruomi Lee Hampel, Herscel Silverman, dance Prince Alegs

9:30 Amina Claudine Myers Solo piano voice


10:30 William Parker leads the Jeanne Lee Project voices: Thomas Buckner, Ellen Christi, Jay Clayton, Lisa Sokolov; Rob Brown alto, Lewis Barnes trumpet, Joe Daley tuba Cooper Moore ashimba, piano, Gerald Cleaver drums, William Parker balaphon, Ngoni, bass and

special guest Henry Grimes

RECENT RELEASE (will be available at this year's festival)

An historic double disc CD/DVD 5.1 sound release, "Visionlive" compiles
highlight performances from the Vision Festival. The release boasts stunning
performances from a full spectrum of advanced jazz thinkers and improvisers
who draw on a rich collective history.


The nine selections include performances from Blue Series regulars Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Mat Maneri, Roy Campbell, and Hamid Drake, all of whom offer moments of transcendence and grace, fire and succor, heady
introspection and soulful groove. Also included are great performances by pianist Dave Burrell; bassoonist Karen Borca; vocalist Ellen Christi; and reed man Douglas Ewart with trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith. Finally, there is a valedictory solo from German bass explorer Peter Kowald, who died several months after the recording.