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Music Movies February This month's Music Movies cover

another dose of late 70's New York punk in NIGHTCLUBBING: DANCETERIA VIDEO LOUNGE,

the virtually unknown world of Go-Go music in THE POCKET, a legendary supergroup in ABBA: THE MOVIE,

a posthumous superstar in A SKIN TOO FEW: THE DAYS OF NICK DRAKE,

an American institution in RAY CHARLES: THE GENIUS OF SOUL, and

a legendary saxophonist appearing in person for "Brötzmann on Film." -- Jim Dempsey





1975-80, Emily Armstrong and Pat Ivers, 63 min.

From the vaults of Emily Armstrong and Pat Ivers, who documented the late 70's underground music scene in New York City

with their cable access show Nightclubbing, comes a "lost" episode that didn't screen during our successful month-long series in

October. Featured are performances from New Wave heroes such as the Go-Go's, Suicide, Bush Tetras, Strange Party, Pylon,

Suburbs, Feelies, Offs, Human Sexual Response, and more! Beta SP video.

Saturday, February 1, 6:30 pm;

Thursday, February 6, 6:30 pm




Chicago Premiere!

Co-director Nick Shumaker in person!

THE POCKET: THE DC GO-GO MOVEMENT 2002, Nick Shumaker and Michael Cahill, 90 min.With Chuck Brown, The Backyard Band

Washington, D.C., has been holding on to a secret for a long time: Go-Go music. Fusing elements of Soul, Funk, Latin, Rock, and

Conga, Go-Go music is deeply rooted in the neighborhoods of our nation¹s capital. THE POCKET goes to the heart of this

grass-roots regional music. A typical Go-Go show can incorporate 600 or 700 people into the fluid performance of musicians

who are able to dictate the musics fevered pitch, raising it to ecstatic levels and just as easily bringing it back down. Beta SP video.

Co-director Nick Shumaker will appear for audience discussion at the Sunday screening.

Sunday, February 9, 6:15 pm;

Monday, February 10, 8:00 pm;

Thursday, February 13, 6:15 pm




ABBA: THE MOVIE 1977, Lasse Hallström, Sweden, 97 min. With Anni-Frid, Björn, Benny, and Agnetha

Shot in Australia by Lasse Hallström (MY LIFE AS A DOG, THE CIDER HOUSE RULES) during the height

of ABBA fever, this entertaining time-capsule centers around Ashley (Robert Hughes), a hapless DJ trying

to wangle an interview with the Swedish supergroup. What transpires is a hodgepodge of semifictional fun

featuring no fewer than eighteen of ABBA's greatest hits,

including "Dancing Queen," "Fernando," and "SOS." Guilty pleasure? You bet! 35mm widescreen.

Sunday, February 16, 5:00 pm;

Thursday, February 20, 8:15 pm




A SKIN TOO FEW: THE DAYS OF NICK DRAKE 2000, Jeroen Berkvens, Netherlands, 48 min.

IN MOTION 1994, Coco Schrijber, Netherlands, 20 min.

"[Berkvens] adds gorgeous, cleverly lighted nature scenes, perfectly complimenting the sadness and beauty of Drake's music

Hearing Drake's music in this context stirred my soul. During one song, I muttered an astonished !oh my God!

at the aching beauty of it. Count me in as a fan." -- Jeffrey M. Anderson, San Francisco Examiner.

There is not much documentation of Nick Drake, aside from three LPs of his hauntingly beautiful folk songs. Nearly 30 years

after his overdose death at age 26, Drake is as fascinating as ever. Dutch filmmaker Jeroen Berkvens focuses on Drake¹s brief life,

with interviews, home movies, and lyrical images accompanying generous selections of his music. Preceded by IN MOTION,

a late-night ride with tenor saxophonist and then-cabbie David S. Ware as he navigates the Manhattan streets

and philosophizes about Free Jazz. Both in 35 mm.

Saturday, February 22, 8:00 pm;

Sunday, February 23, 6:00 pm;

Thursday, February 27, 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm




RAY CHARLES: THE GENIUS OF SOUL 1992, Yvonne Smith, USA, 61 min.

An American institution, Ray Charles can be credited for literally inventing Soul music. With a potent mixture of 50's R&B, powerful

Gospel-inspired vocals, Jazz, Blues, and even 60's Country, Ray Charles became one of the most recognized voices in 20th-century music, and he still records and tours today. Yvonne Smith's gentle portrait reveals the sweetness behind the emotional voice, with

plenty of performance footage, plus thoughts on the genius from the likes of Larry Wexler and Billy Joel. Beta SP video.

Sunday, March 2, 6:00 pm;

Thursday, March 6, 6:30 pm




Peter Brötzmann in person! Brötzmann on Film Various directors, ca. 90 min.

In collaboration with the School of the Art Institute's exhibition of Peter Brötzmann's early paintings at the 1926 Exhibition Studies

space, we present an evening of film and video featuring this legendary German saxophonist and improviser. Included is a rare experimental short by Manfred Montwe that features footage of Brötzmann's trio from the mid-1960s. Also showing are

MUSIC IS MY LANGUAGE, a documentary from 1991 celebrating Brötzmann's 50th birthday, and a virtually unseen Free Jazz

short film directed by Edward English and spotlighting the enigmatic Guiseppe Logan, as well as other surprises. For information

on the 1926 Gallery exhibition, call 773-665-4801.

Thursday, March 6, 8:00 pm





WEDNESDAY 1 New Year¹s Day



----------- 8:15 THE APARTMENT Wilder

----------- 8:15 DONNIE DARKO Special

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