Jazzy Inspirations on my night stand:

FOR HEAVEN's SAKE, Becky, Don't Bitch Too Much --Sonny Stitt
Autographed by Sonny upon request of a friend who asked Sonny to write a note for him, because he KNEW I would be outrageously disappointed that he stopped by on Tuesday to see Sonny after he said he was not going to - In all fairness, he took me to the rest of the shows that week...and the rest is my history.

To Becky
Jazz is love +
so are you--
love jazz because
jazz loves you--
Frank Foster

Written by Frank after he heard my story of the Sonny Stitt autograph "I wouldn't write that about you, he said, here's what I would write" during the Chicago jazz fest the year they featured Detroiter's in the lineup

ELVIN JONES’ drumsticks-later autographed
Obtained one night in Detroit’s Baker’s Keyboard Lounge (The good ‘ol days of intimate atmospheres) when Elvin was jamming so hard, his drumstick flipped right out of his hand, into the hand of a man sitting next to me.  I must have appeared interested, because he handed it to me immediately. Then Elvin looked up and said, “Well one won’t do you any good” And he tossed me the other.  At a later date I asked him to sign them.  (the good ol’ days when he would come around every year)

EDDIE LOCKE’s drumsticks-autographed
Obtained after Eddie played an awesome Caravan solo with his hands, because he must have not needed them. J  (And well, when one drummer hears the story…)  This solo started a spirit of hand-playing drummers for the next few hours on the Caribbean jazz cruise.  Ironically enough, most the other drummers probably had not seen Eddie, and just started to become one with the drum.
Eddie is known to have been Coleman Hawkins’ favorite drummer.  He is one of the few living members of 1958 A Day in Harlem photo.  http://www.harlem.org/people/locke.html
Press->: The whole Harlem picture   http://www.harlem.org

To be delivered:
WILLIE JONES III drumsticks,

I love the way Willie plays.  When he was part of Roy Hargrove’s quintet, at the Jazz Showcase, this past trumptified T-Day Celebration week, Willie said he would gift me a set after the last night.  Alas, I never made it out that Sunday night. 

Jazzy Inspirations, not on my night stand, but close by:
JAZZ skirt #1 started Oct 1999 - signed by all musicians of 1999 NCL Norway Caribbean jazz cruise including Frank Foster’s Loud Minority Band and Ray Brown Trio, and continued signing through year 2000.  For THIS SKIRT, the musician is asked to “draw what they play”, and then sign it.  You would not believe the musicians that can draw out there!  (By the way, I did not wear the skirt when it was signed; I kept it separately in a Ziploc, with multi-colored indelible markers)

JAZZ skirt #2 started June 2000 with the autographs of Stefon Harris’ quartet at Jazz Showcase, because jazz skirt #1 was getting mighty crowded.  Signed by all musicians of the 2000 (and final for the ship Norway) NCL Caribbean jazz cruise.

A BILLY HARPER light switch cover - bought in September 2000.  I suppose anyone could have bought one from him, but I am not sure too many were made.  After seeing him blow at his saxty, sexty Bday party 1/17/2003--yes, he came to Chicago to celebrate--it is even more fun to illuminate the room with his image.

2001 JAZZ CALENDAR started October 2000.  I can’t remember what sparked the idea to request artists autographs on the Bday calendar.  Maybe because it was labeled “The Compleat Jazz Calendar”, and it was nowhere near complete.  But it is now classically a Becky objective…the never-ending saga to seek signatures where no others have been sought…and my calendars are much more complete.  I try to request a signature from all the band members, not just the leader.  It is ESPECIALLY significant if the artist signs ON HIS/HER B-DAY.  Signatures include 2001 NCL Norway Caribbean Jazz cruise, the entire Duke Ellington Orchestra under the leadership of Paul Ellington, and the entire Count Basie Orchestra under the leadership of Grover Mitchell.

2002 JAZZ CALENDAR started October 2001.  Now that I have started filling  “The Compleat Jazz Calendar”, I realize it is an annual tradition.  I can get started.  Really filled it up on 2001 Holland America Maasdam Caribbean Jazz Cruise.

JAZZ PINS met Carolyn Wanzo on the 2001 Holland America Maasdam Caribbean Jazz Cruise and began collecting all sorts of jazz pins.  They make an interesting display on my back felt beret hat.  (One man remarked—you need more space for display).  http://www.jazzpins.com

2003 JAZZ CALENDAR started August 2002.  Bought and launched at the Ford International Jazz Festival in Detroit with bands such as David Sanchez Quintet, Ingrid Jensen Quartet, Jeff ‘Tain Watts Quintet, and Branford Marsalis Quartet.  Herman Leonard photo calendar was used instead this year… it has some awesome pictures and only B-Days facts.  It was fairly full of signatures even before the 2002 NCL Majestic and 2002 Holland America Caribbean jazz cruises.  There has been so much music I can barely breathe, but I manage to get my signatures.  I now ensure I have written down the names of those not on the calendar, and I also ask birthplace.  I have had some interesting conversations.

2002 JAZZ SHAWL started October 2002.  I bought my shawl in Cancun on the 2002 NCL Majestic Caribbean jazz cruise to wear something I had signed!  Besides, after being in the sun all day, one freezes in the air-conditioned rooms and so the shawl was a utilitarian object as well.  Signatures are from 2002 NCL Majestic and 2002 Holland America Maasdam Caribbean jazz cruises. .  For THIS SHAWL, the musician was asked to “draw what they play”, and then sign it. 

JAZZ PINS more jazz pins collected from Carolyn when I saw her on the Holland America Maasdam Caribbean jazz cruise in October and started to view her collection of jazz scarves http://www.jazzpins.com How habit forming.

JAZZ SCARVES in the mid December 2002 Burgess Gardner Big Band celebration, I purchased many more jazz scarves, for my girl pals Holiday presents.  Note that I bought many scarves and could not choose which ones to keep.  I only gave away six of the 12 scarves.  It really is hard not to retain these uniquely cool creations.  http://www.jazzpins.com