The Ultimate James Bond Quiz

(written entirely by Larry EveryWhere Man) :


1. Goldeneye was actually where? __________(which country?)


2. Crabtree and Mango tree were references to which Bond film? __________ (clue: Sean Connery)


3. In which Bond film did 007 swim with the fishes and was almost eaten by the sharks? _____


4. How many years would have the U.S. gold supply been radioactive if Goldfinger's bomb had been detonated?

a. 55 years b. 56 years c. 57 years d. 58 years _________


5. How many attempts were made to eliminate 007 before he was captured by Dr. No? ___________


6. In You Only Live Twice -- what did Bond say immediately after his "funeral'? _________


7. In Diamonds Are Forever -- how much was Bond being paid to smuggle the diamonds into the U.S? $__________


8. How many doubles did Blofeld employ in Diamonds? ________


9. Who played Mrs. James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service?____________


10. In From Russia With Love -- what did Bond say after Kerim Bey shot the assassin with Bond's snipers rifle? __________________


11. Who employed Rosa Kleb?

a. KGB b. CIA c. SMERSH d. SPECTRE ___________


12. What was the name of Pussy Galore's company in Goldfinger?

a. Galorious b. Flying Circus c. Pussy Pilots d. Golden Girls ______


13. What chemical did Bond try to license from the Japanese industrialist in You Only Live Twice?

a. copper-sulfate b. berrilium c. MSG d. baking soda _______


14. In Diamonds Are Forever -- how did Bond know that Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd were gay?

a. matching jewelry b. cologne c. hair styles d. Bond was gay _______


15. Which actor appeared in 18 of the 20 Bond movies?

a. Desmond Llewellyn as Q

b. Bernard Lee as M

c. Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny

d. Charles Gray as Blofeld _________


16. What did Honey Ryder do for a living in Dr No ?

a. She sold sea shells

b. She worked for the CIA

c. She was still in school

d. She worked for WorldCom ______________


17. When Felix Leiter asked Bond what happened to his butler friend

( Oddjob ), Bond said:

a. He lost his hat in the wind

b. He was picked up by immigration

c. He blew a fuse

d. He is playing his Golden harp _______________


18. Which Bond film was filmed mostly underwater?

a. Live And Let Die b. Octopussy c. A View To A Kill d. Thunderball ________


19. What did 006 always say to 007

during critical times in Goldeneye?

a. For England, James? b. Closing Time, James! c. Buy Me a Pint! d. You're on my toe,007 ___


20. Which was the last Bond film that featured Blofeld?

a. Diamonds Are Forever

b. For Your Eyes Only

c. A View To A Kill

d. The Man With The Golden Gun ________


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