YIN - YANG - ZIN - ZANG Zebrarings

Hearing is believing.
Seeing is understanding.
Supreme Love.
Time is relative and a dimension in the warehouse of Jazz.
Hip-PI-ti-Hop, boppin' down the Bunky Trail.
1 + 1 = 3
mainTAIN, reTAIN, perTAINING to, ConTAINing, TAIN.
Time Watts for no one
Trick AND Treat
Rewind the Remind
Molecular Dee-lightenment
Atomic Dee-lightenment
I've Got it Good...and That Ain't Bad
Let's Do It
Fortification of Love Supreme, the love supreme
Duality-Cooking in the kitchen and on stage
You've NOT changed
I CAN Get Started
The Supreme Love Supreme
Be-Angeled in the Mid-day Hour
Do Explain
Now IsN'T the Time
I ShouldN'T Care
What's Old?
My Old Flame--My New Quencher
We Remember You
Just Lovers, Friends No Less **press for Hope's Twisted Lyrics
If They Ask Me, I Could Write a Website
Love for Lease
Far Enough for Comfort
Three Big Words
Old and Wise
My Bunny Valentine
What is this thing called Love Supreme?
The Movie is over, but the Opera still lingers on.

I Cover the Lakefront
Watt a Difference A Night and Day Makes
Cry Me a Lake