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How was zebra libra's BDAY season:
It was cool. It is my rebirth. Having three planets in Libra, one of which is Venus
it is the season of Supreme Love. This year my birthday was on a Thursday.

The Thursday before, (10/3) was jazz tenor sax player Von Freeman (Vonski), 80th
BDAY, so at noon that day, I attended the Chicago celebration with honorary street
dedication. Von Freeman Way is now the new name of the street in front of the New
Apartment Lounge on 75th Street, where each Tuesday night he holds court, hosting
popular jam sessions. There were all kinds of TV Channel movie cam vehicles around,
but I did not notice the presentation on the TV news. (It will be on my jazz web page
news to be released in 2003). Ate some birthday cake.

The Saturday before, my jazz policin' partner Larry met me for a fabulously rich set of
Ernest Dawkins bebop standards at Pete Millers in Evanston. Did I mention the band had
Kirk Brown, Harrison Bankhead and Vincent Davis? Even though the crowd was noisy the
sound penetrated - Misty lived up to its name. Had some wonderful appetizers, Thx Larry,
and the incredible iced lemon for my BDAY treat, Thx Harrison. Later caught the Becky's
Bash and much more drummer Ted Sirota who always is consistently creative and met
German reedsman Gebhard Ullmann who signed my jazz calendar for 11/2.

The Sunday before, Larry did a video interview with Von's son, Chico Freeman, for two
hours over at the Palmer House Hilton. And I tagged along. This was the day after seeing
Chico play with Avery Sharpe (McCoy's bass player) and Winard Harper (Pharoah Sander's
drummer) and his childhood friend Dean Gant on piano (Dean I think was involved with
the producing Chi-lites and other notable groups), at the Jazz Record Mart. Later that
evening I saw Gebhard Ullmann, Hamid Drake, and Darius Savage jam at this very,
very cool - great setting for jazz films - art gallery called Fassbenders. Met with Kate Smith
who used to run the bop shop and is now working for Premonition Records. I have much
footage accumulated to do several miniseries - need to reserve the time and energy.

The Monday before, I had lunch with a pal from work at Cozumels, our favorite Mexican.
Later I delivered a video copy to Gebhard at the Heartland and watched another combination
set. Had an interesting conversation with drummer Hamid Drake, regarding elements, and
developing the good qualities in each of us, and so added those to the BDAY calendar list.

The Tuesday before, I videoed the photo shoot of Miles Davis Reunion ESP band with saxy
Detroiter David McMurray, drummer Toby Williams, keyboardist Robert Irving (neighbor),
guitarist Bobby Broom, Hear Maurice at Jazz BeBop, bassist Darryl Jones (who was in
town with Rolling Stones), right next door to my pad. I had Happy Birthday played to me LIVE.
Put me in a sentimental mood. Later hit Rosa's blues club and saw a loud but interesting set of
music, with Darryl in an incognito headgear guesting on bass. I refreshed my ears at Von
Freeman's Apartment Lounge afterwards. Maurice Brown blew a nice tune or two.
Hear Maurice at Jazz BeBop
A few other local stars played their specialities or sang.

The Wednesday night before, I attempted to catch up on sleep, as Dee Dee Bridgewater
performing at the Evanston Jazz Festival was sold out and Pete Millers was a zoo...I'll catch
Orbert Davis' in the future, keep your antennaes up for jazzin' announcements.

On Thursday, the day began with a yoga routine I should do more often, followed by lunch
downtown at Volare's. Nice Italian. Nostalgic as I used to work in the NBC Towers and frequent
the establishment regularly. Did the walk around viewing all the latest stores. Took a nice nap
and headed to the burbs where I work to visit with friends and finalize the details of the application
class I teach for work every two months. I returned to Chicago on Friday, and spent the 24th hour
on my birthday - I was born at 8:45pm - doing some of my favorite things. I received special cards
and emails and some really interesting gifts that will be sighted on my person in the future. I am
still receiving and sending BDAY wishes. It is a perpetual phenomena. The steady state thing.

For every adversity in life, there is an equal and opposite and sometimes enhanced pleasure.
God grant me patience for the zang to zing in. (HOPE's LAW OF MOTION and prayer)

The Saturday after, I was treated to lunch at Cafe Suron, a persian delight, with Rosche.
Then I zipped to Milwaukee for a wedding reception of a fabulous pianist and bassist,
Anthony Burress, who I original connected with at the T Monk Jr celebration of what would
have been his father Thelonius' 80th bday tour. Thelonius Monk and I, share the 10/10 BDAY.
There was a blues band and a self composed presentation to the blissful couple by his brother,
and Anthony jammed a couple of times. I video'd.

The Sunday after, I saw an incredible show at Washington Park-Crepusle. It was a golf course of
musical instruments (literally-with a different instrument featured at each hole) and myriads
of myriads of musicians, African instruments, and musical mirages. It was icy cold and so the
musicians marched around - what a trip that was. I still have to get my mallets on a set of
those copper xylophones Doug Ewart has crafted. It was an AACM delight. I shot a bit of
video but this sort of thing is uncapturable, that is what is was. And forever more, that is
what it will stay - Don't miss next years!!!

After that was the 9th annual Hyde Park with wonderful music performed by all the Chicago cats
dear to my heart. Wow. This kattett-ite was in heaven. On the way home, I slipped by the
showcase to see tail end - bun intended - of Cedar Walton, Stefon Harris, Peter Washington
and Kariem Riggins. Cedar played piano with Milt Jackson the first time I saw him play vibes...
the rest is my history. Many musically blessed Chicago cats were hanging at the club too,
including Donald Meade, Henry Johnson, Tommy Muellner and many of who have inspired
my thoughts and ideas to spin rapidly in excited, untamed orbitals. (look it up in the Chemistry
books or attend a periodical table lesson at Pratt Beach after a Soltice Event). Tain Waats and Eric
Revis from Branford Marsalis' rhythm section stopped by after their set at the old town school of folk.

The Tuesday after I went to the Showcase to see Wallace Roney, Gary Bartz, Donald Brown,
Clarence Seay, Lenny White's opening night. Fabulous sets of music. Wallace blew his blue
horn he was gifted from Miles (both Wallace and Miles share same 5/25 BDAY as my g-pal Nancy),
and although the band had "unrehearsed together" players, they obviously knew their jazz --
And JAZZ IZ "JAMMIN' " with and without practice...There was no need to apologize, Clarence (Seay).
Bartz blew a lung boggling "Where or When" in the middle of "Body and Soul". And Lenny White
with his handmade drums and interesting opera conversations. Tain Waats, Eric Revis, and Joey
Calderazzo came by to listen after their Park West Set.

The Thursday after, I corresponded through the net with Joe Bowie, on his 10/17 birthday prior
to him returning to his European. I attended a Jazz Institute one-more-time presentation of
Von Freeman b-day, and ate some more birthday cake. That satisfied the sugar intake, 'til next year.


Supreme Love, Hope, and Peace,