************ RAVE RE-BOP-BECCA REVIEWS **********

"Damn Right, I'm a Black Superhero!!! & Other Stories of Antiterrorism" featuring Discopoet Khari B.,
AACM's own superstars Mwata Bowden's Sound Spectrum, with fashions by Chelesea D'Amini
Our story continues as Khari B., armed with his fearless musicians, persist in their patriotic fight against the powers of mindless commercialism and senseless propaganda in attempt 2 push back the mind-control of the meglomaniacal President Shrubbery and his low level lackey the Everyday Mayor and just have some fun again. Clothed in D'Amini, our hero makes his move...Intense Poetry, Energetic Music, Funky Fashion, 2 Much Fun.

2 much Fun is an understatement!! Remember 1 + 1 = 3 reference JAZZBEBOP
and Hip-PI-ti-Hop? (where PI is a continuous number)...well, it was a very interesting night.
Free for me and other Hot House Members. Free in more ways than 1.
DON'T CALL KHARI till 2pm Sunday, 'cause he will not want you 2.
GENERATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT, yessss Mwata, I realize Khari B is your son. The son of fun.
I looked through some of the summer U of C archives-2 much fun there 2! Oh no, I caught
numericitis. Back 2 the show I'm reviewing....

SOUND SPECTRUM had a spackling of favorites and a couple of new for me performers-
(and I absentmindely left the calendar at home, suffering a panic attack that I had lost it)
SOUND SPECTRUM blurb from meet the band on pg 22 of the Black Superhero program:
"They all come 2gether 2night as Sound Spectrum, laying down a blanket of enrapturing
sound with Discopoet Khari B. 4 this collaborative project, In case pop radio and video
has left U guessing or made U 4get, this is what music sounds like. These R the men that
defy and define sound"
and another later add-in on sax -
forgot your name---if only I had had my calendar...back 2 the Black Superhero program
The Program began with
"UNI always ready with a funky freeystyle, 360 is a stupendous,
mult-talented artist. DRUNKEN MONKEY is a powerhouse of energy and of the most humble,
warm and genuine people I (Khari B) have ever known. 2gether they create and explosive
Next came the "ENIGMAN POETS . The Enigman Poets R some of the flyest
new cats on the scene.
HB, CONTEXT ALIAS and ABSOLUTE R all individually phenomenal
artist and gifted wordsmiths; 2gether they bring an inescapable rapture and they do something
that few poetry groups rarely do--they actually work as a group."
Then Khari took command
as only Khari can, flying through the air with the greatest of ease, amazing manipulations
of body and word. In the middle was
Peripatetic Gypsy (Comin' at Ya-BOO-YAH!) Fashion Show....Ya-BOO-YAH, indeed!!
There was a League of Justice Sponsor Intro, a few stands of jewelry, scents and
Tantric Butter. Poetry and music continued.
What's it all about, Khari ???? "Discopoetry is designed 2 provide positive, educational,
energetic fun-filled programming 4 a wide and diverse audience. Whether your needs
call 4 a one-person workshop facilitator or a full-length, action-packed performance
complete with musicians and multiple poets,we can answer your call. 4 Full Details,
bookings or any inquiries, 773-429-6133 or

From Larry EveryWhere Man (We cover the waterfront)
HINDA HOFFMAN-vocalist, (She excels on upbeat, jazzy versions of Harold Arlen (wrote the Wizard of Oz) and
Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen compositions. Hinda is somewhere between Sarah (Vaughn) and Carmen
(McCrae). Of all the musicians I have seen her perform with, tonights backup was some of the best synergy.
She had Mike Allemana on guitar, Dennis Carroll on bass and Nori "always in rhythm" Tanaka on drums.
Tanaka's performance was flawless and Allemana added melodic richness.

Roy Hargrove Quintet brought home (Wow, did I say that about Chicago?) the Trumpified Turkey
for Thanksgiving - with Dwayne Burno on bass, Willie Jones III drums, Justin Robinson on alto sax and Ronnie
Mathews on piano. It seemed like the music was even better, except I was so stuffed from a bebop dinner prior
that I was passing into trumpified tryptophan jazz naps with Mathews Monk-keys, swinging at regular intervals.
There was a slew of local musicians in the audience. Hi to drummer Ted Sirota who I did not notice, but later
heard was there. Can't wait 'til you do your next alboom.

Roy Hargrove Quintet
included the boppin' beat of Dwayne Burno on bass--The other musical monsters
leftover from Halloween included Willie Jones III drums, Justin Robinson on alto
sax and Ronnie Mathews on piano. Very nice, sweet music. Consistently Classic -
1 song per set is fluglehorn rip your heart out (such as They Say That Falling in
Love is Wonderful, and The Very Thought of You- Ronnie Mathews wove in some
Surrey with the Fringe on top) and the rest is hard bopping as it gets. Definetly
experiencing bebop neck and the week has only begun.

HOME is where the heart is ** HOME is where the Jazz IS

SAT NOV 23 - GEORGE and HARRY's Dearborn, MI
blues based jazz - It was fun and dancing music.

Stopped in by personal invitation by Lorenzo on the way back to hear playing
Pride and Joy. Hung out for the final set and enjoyed some bluesy dessert.

Bill Charlap Trio of Kenny Washington, drums, Peter Washington, bass,
and with special guest Phil Woods
The song I remember them playing was "Loverman"-
This show only gets better, so don't wait to see it.

WED NOV 20 - ANDY's last set
very fun - made a jazz cruiser caravan night complete.

Bill Charlap Trio of Kenny Washington, drums, Peter Washington, bass,
and with special guest Phil Woods
Only saw part of the second set after the Harambee House
which only whetts your appetite for more.

WED NOV 20 - 7PM HARAMBEE HOUSE 119th & Loomis
Burgess Gardner Orchestra WITH guest DAVID FATHEAD NEWMAN

Bill Charlap Trio of Kenny Washington, drums, Peter Washington, bass,
and with special guest Phil Woods
WOW, Just fabulous, barely describes the undescribable,
incredible classic renditions with new integrated twists
this quartet served up on the full moon lunar eclipse night.
Some of the tunes were Star Eyes, always a favorite of mine
and oh so sweet heard exiting from Phil's saxy bell, Bohemia
after Dark, some roots music for me, My Old Flame - how can
you not go right with that tune?, the Bill Charlap trio tunes
included Israel, and Lady is A Tramp, and a final quartet tune
of John Lewis' Milestones, not to be confused with the familiar
Milestones tune that rings in your head. Put the Jazz Showcase stop
on this week's list of things to do. Along with the Burgess Gardner
Orchestra with special guest David "Fathead" Newman on Wednesday
at the Harambee House.

FRI NOV 15 7PM at LaFollette Park, 1333 N. Laramie.
Roots"N" "D" Blues
a jazz opera by Ameen Muhammad,
and starring some of our favorites...featuring Oscar Brown, Jr., Maggie Brown,
Dee Alexander, Tanya Reid, Joan Crawford, Evod Magek, Amina Muhammed,
Ari Brown, Edwin Daugherty, Ernest Khabeer Dawkins, Ed Wilkerson, Douglas
Ewart, Marvin Davis, David Young, Robert Griffin, Isiah Jackson, Yosef Ben
Israel, Vincent Davis, Byron Bowie, Maia and Muntu Dance Company.

Admission: FREE Sponsored by Chicago Park District and Jazz Institute.
All programs are family-friendly and free—seating may be limited.
For more information, please call 312-427-1676.

Act I was an interesting opera gala with costumes complete
with vibes and dancing. If you enjoyed this, let the city and
the Jazz Institute know - there could be Act II and III!

FRI NOV 15 9:30PM Are you Trying to decide what to do this Friday night or after the Roots"N" "D" Blues?
Czech out William Perry's Explosion Trio @ the Velvet Lounge, 2128 1/2 S. Indiana Ave. Chicago
with Harrison Bankhead (bass) and Andre Beasley (drums).
Many of the people headed to the Hothouse, after the jazz opera, but I headed
to the Velvet. There's no place like home. And it had been several weeks since
I said hello to my favorite sweetheart music clubowner - yes, Fred you deserve
the title. William Perry played his very melodic and cool originals on alto and tenor,
and his tenor was joined in the last set for a few numbers by Ernest Dawkins
on matching black and gold alto sax, and Doug Ewart on African flute out in the
audience. Harrison Bankhead provided his bad ass bass rhythms that only Chicago
can serve up with such style, and Andre Beasley was his usual consistent awesome
self. As good as the Caribbean jazz cruisin' was, I missed the Chicago variety of venues.
Be sure to catch William here or at the No Exit soon whenever you can.

WED NOV 13 8PM ROYAL GEORGE GALLERY 1741 N. Halsted, Chicago - WOW!!
Denise La Grassa's "Is there Anything Going On Upstairs?" Denise is the author of the critically acclaimed
jazz-theater piece "BITE" which ran in New York and Chicago for five years at various performance
venues (including NYC's Knitting Factory, and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe). Denise began work on "Is There
Anything Going On Upstairs? about three and a half years ago. The show has matured in text form, music
and visual set, adding the element of animation, especially since 9/11. Dale Calendra directs the production.
Be prepared to see it more than once. There is a wealth of sense stimuli.

TUE NOV 12 - 10PM-12:30AM $3 Donation LILLY'S 2513 N. Lincoln Ave. (Just North of the Biograph Theater)
"HORN HOUSE" Featuring: Ryan Bennet-Drums, Thaddus Franklin-Trumpet, Eric Koppa-Saxophones
Matt Ulery-Bass, John Zelisko-Guitar Although I did not make the live performance, I was able to listen to
some of the recordings. It was fabulous - lots of Matt-attacks and interesting improvisations.
There's something brewin' anew with this band.

SUN NOV 10 7:30-9:30PM Field Museum, Simpson Theatre
1400 S. Lake Shore Dr, Chicago 312.922.9410
Chicago Humanities Festival CLOSING CONCERT
ERNEST DAWKINS: From Armstrong to the Avant-Garde
What's the only dessert you can appreciate after two weeks of jazz cruises at sea? The initial
performance of Ernest on clarinet, Maurice Brown on Trumpet...very nice. Followed by the
complete Live The Spirit band conducted by Ernest.

SUN NOV 3 - SUN NOV 10 - The Count Basie Orchestra, directed by Grover Mitchell -
Clarence Banks-bone, Scotty Barnhart-tpt, Jamie Davis, vocals, Shawn Edmonds-tpt,
Kenny Hing-sax, Bill Hughes-bone, David Keim, John Kelson-lead alto, James Leary-bass,
Will Mathews-guitar, Marshall McDonald-sax, Butch Miles-drums, Doug Miller, tenor sax,
Endre Rice-tpt, Tony Suggs-piano, Alvin Walker-bone, John Williams-baritone, Michael
Williams-lead tpt; Bill Charlap Trio: Bill Charlap-piano, Dennis Irwin-bass, Eddie Locke-
drums (a legend--favorite drummer of Coleman Hawkins and Roy Eldridge one of few
remaining members of the Art Kane Jazz Portrait in Harlem 1958); Joyce DiCamillo Trio:
Joyce DiCamillo, piano, Joe Corsello (happy bday on 11/11)-drums, Rick Petrone-bass:
Red Holloway Quartet: Red Holloway-sax, Art Hillary-piano, Paul Humphrey-drums, Richard
Reid-bass, Duffy Jackson Quartet: Rick Doll-bass, Bob Hanni-guitar, Duffy Jackson-drums, Mark
Marineau-piano; Henry Johnson's Organ Express: Chris Foreman-organ, Henry Johnson-guitar
Greg Rockingham-drums, Peter Roothan-sax; Pete Jolly Trio: Chuck Berghofer-bass, Pete
Jolly-piano, Nicholas Martinis-drums (these guys have played together 40 plus years and it
shows), Bill Mays Duo with Bill Mays-piano, and Martin Wind-bass; Dick Morgan Trio plus One:
Steve Abshire-guitar, Dave Einhorn-bass, Clyde Lucas-drums, Dick Morgan-piano; Steve Sandner
solo piano; Mary Stallings and her Trio: Babatunde Lea-drums, Glen Pearson-piano, Walter
Savage-bass, Mary Stallings-vocals; The All Stars: Ernie Adams-drums, Keter Betts-bass,
Frank Capp-drums, Wycliffe Gordon-bone, Eddie Higgins-piano, Jay Leonhart-bass, Ken
Peplowki-sax/clarinet, Randy Sandke-tpt, Derek Smith-piano, Warren Vache, cornet:
Met some other interesting people: Arvell Shaw-bass player with Louis Armstrong, Michael
Irwin-tpt and son of Dennis Irwin, Ray Evans the composer of hundreds of song, Rosalie Grey
-widow of Al Grey. My favorite? THE LAST SET I JUST SAW. For the most part, acoustics were good.
Service was very good. A first class operation. The jazz movies broadcasted over the cabin TV
were phenomenal. Milt Jackson, Lockjaw Davis, Clark Terry, Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, etc, etc.
I ate much better and not late at night, exercised quite a bit on the treadmill and walked the
promenade deck circle. Things kept getting better and better, especially after Bill Charlap's
"Loverman" and Eddie Locke's hand beaten drum solo of "Caravan".

SAT NOV 2 evening - Count Basie Orchestra at One Night Stans in Hollywood, Florida
A very special evening for me - road the Basie bus to and from Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood and
and said hello to all the kats. Saw two excellent sets of music - a bit hampered and sacrileged
by the electric piano but Tony Suggs talent shows through on any instrument. Kenny Hing is
back in the band and sounding excellent. Scotty Barnhart was featured in many trumpet solos.
Grover Mitchell played his trombone AND directed the Orchestra. A perfect launch for the next
week of cruisin'.

SAT OCT 26 - SAT NOV 2 - Norwegian Cruise Line Jazz Cruise hosts Joe Segal, Wayne Segal
More Later--my notes are still packed and my memory shot with holes - good thing I started a
signature shawl that warmed my bare arms in the freezing air-conditioned Performances.
Artists: David Fathead Newman-sax/flute, Junior Mance-piano, Rufus Reid-bass. Ed Thigpen-
drums, Lou Donaldson-alto sax, Dr. Lonnie Smith-B3 organ, Randy Johnston-guitar, Fukushi
Tainaka-drums, Percy Heath-bass, Jimmy Heath-saxes, Tootie Heath-drums, Jeb Patton-piano,
Willie Pickens-piano, Larry Gray-bass, Robert Shy-drums, Everette Green-vocals, Louie Bellson
-drums, Bob Lark-trumpet and DePaul Big Band, James Moody-saxes, Russell Malone-guitar,
Benny Green-piano, Victor Lewis-drums, Steve Turre-trombone/shells, Jon Faddis-trumpet,
Jimmy Green-sax, Buster Williams-bass, George Cables-piano -- you can imagine the various
combinations of fun and festivities capped on Halloween night - when the zebra libra brought out
the full leopard costume. Honorable mentions for Janna who dressed up as Dr. Lonnie Smith
and Victor Lewis who dressed up as Zorro. There was a bass tribute to Ray Brown, a saxophone
summit birthday party for Jimmy Heath and Lou Donaldson, and piano solo performances. I will
mention the good things - the musicians - the towel origamy provided by my room steward who
came in first place that week. Free Style of Dining - I have mixed emotions on that concept.
I ate too much of the wrong food at the wrong time and exercised too little.