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SAT DEC 21 6AM, doors open 5:30am $14/15 to charge
6 AM, Link's Hall Studio, 3435 N. Sheffield. (off of Newport, upstairs) 773-871-5318.
MICHAEL ZERANG & HAMID DRAKE 12th annual winter solstice percussion concerts.
I had the most incredible morning at the Saturday Winter Solstice Eve Sunrise Service starting at 6AM
in Link's Hall Studio. Could it be the missing link? It was the 12th year of presentation. Hamid Drake and
Michael Zerang. Percussion and drumming, ending with the decrescendo of the El train and a message
to tell everyone you love you love them.

THU DEC 19 Yes, indeed-de-do. Chicago is a fun place to live--
I was my usual 7 steps behind where I would feel comfortable
to arrive on time at the Ellington Nutcracker at Columbia College
when I gelled a perfect meter spot (double gel, there was an
hour of time left) on 9th st and circled up 11th street past the
Columbia College Chicago Theater Center--Getz Theater--
Thinking that is where the Jazz Ensemble was--Then I realized
I was in the performance of Cabaret--and since I had the ultimate
front seat, I said to myself, what a wonderful world, and stayed put.
It was grand...very nicely done and quite jazzy.

I sauntered by the Columbia College auditorium to find the
Nutcracker had been cancelled. Hey, nice gel with wandering into
the Cabaret...I walked back to the car and put a few more
quarters in the meter. Then a couple of blocks over to the Midwest
International Band and Orchestra Clinic at the Chicago (for those
of you who remember, the Conrad) Hilton. I wandered around--
never could find the Sabian exhibit, and Donald Meade. But I did see
and say hello to Mark Colby, and bassist Eric Hochberg, and Kobie
Watkins, who also enjoyed hearing the New Trier High School
Jazz Ensemble.

Czech this situation out! They film the show and webcast it later
that evening. Ought to be grand.


THU DEC 19 12:30PM free concert. Columbia College Concert Hall, 1014 S. Michigan. 312-344-6179.
COLUMBIA COLLEGE JAZZ ENSEMBLE performs Duke Ellington's Nutcracker

including Taku Akiyama on sax
Once again, I had a marvelous time, I love all the arrangements Burgess congers up
and Leon Joyce Jr sat in on drums for second set. Several other muscians were in
the audience. Oh, and my favorite shopping event, jazz pins and scarves were available
from Carolyn and Mel Wanzo. Many people hit the blues club afterwards--I opted for
a rockin' set at Andy's with Henry Johnson's Organ Express. In life it is nice to have options.


SUN DEC 15 3PM/$20/under 12 $7/Seniors/students $12
Katherine Dunham Theatre - Kennedy-King College, 6800 S. Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL
For tickets call Ticketmaster at 312-902-1500 or Muntu Dance Theatre at 773-602-1135
Dances for the Soul http://www.muntu.com/
Featuring the world premiere of 2 new works:
‘Rootin Blue’ choreographed by Mickey Davidson, with Special Guest Artist Oscar Brown, Jr.
Excerpts from ‘Transmigration’ Choreography-Amaniyea Payne
Original Composition-Ernest Dawkins
Guest Musicians - Live the Spirit of Englewood Jazz Band
Was plenty of food for the soul - one of my favorite types of entertainment - and
also I get a chance to shop for all my favorite pieces of jewelry and accessories

OK, this is too funny not to print -
my Libran horoscope for Saturday December 14th

You may feel a little distracted as the Moon slips into your seventh house.
This is one of those days when you'll need time out even though you may "need" to be loved.
Face up to those insecurities and don't make
black and white decisions at this point.
A more simple approach helps you in the long run.

I saw Set 2 on Stardate 12-12-2002 and was all 2 glad 2 B there.(hello Khari B). A certain feeling of
cool comfort is congered upon Velvet Lounge entry. Especially when Fred is there to greet you.
After czechin' the congruency of the past, lastest, and future jazzy news, and the reassurance that
yes, Ms. Becky, you have arrived in time to experience the last set, it was off to the interior realms
of exploration.

In order of purr-gression, playing one long song..Isaiah, drums, Aaron Getsug, bari, Darius, bass,
and Greg Ward, alto. Then Marcus Evans on drums, Corey Wilkes, who has polished quite a bit on
trumpet...followed by the genuine space cowboy of ingenuine, Ingenius Ingenue Maurice Brown
introducing a lease of Love 4 Sale--and EDawk playing percussive points of endearment. Then
Elihoenai doing some lively shakes and rhythms - it was just barely possible to remain stationary.
POTENTIAL AND KINETIC ENERGY - such a PHYSICs of a concept. What orbitals are vacant to
be filled by those excited electrons? Only your jazziest periodic chart will know or tell. Back to stage,
Kevin Nabors entered the bandstand arena, followed by a Marcus Evans solo. Isaiah returned and
retuned on drums for a 25 minute alto session by Ernest Dawkins, round 'bout 12:20 - I thought began
with a Joy to the World phrase, maybe just a C-backward scale, maybe I was calculating the words to
associate with the freedom. Isaiah on brushes, Darius on bass complemented the integral. Maurice
came back for a 10 minute interlude...A fine quartet...Then it was Elihoenai, Isaiah and Darius with
Maurice converting to a Wah-Wah trumpet, while Dawk filled in with alto. Back to Greg on alto with
Elihoenai and Dawk in purr-cussive stereo with the I-D (Isaiah-Darius) duoing what the duo dues best.
And Maurice and Corey on the aside. Then Aaron returned center stage, while Kevin Nabors, Maurice,
Corey and Greg took the sundry asides - And Dawk with the tubular shaker. Shake-her will u? This
was followed by a Corey-centered Quartet of I-D-E (Isiah-Darius-Elihoenai) and then the Kevin
Nabors-centered Quartet of I-D-E. There's that nursery rhyme search going on in my brain again-
did I hear Mary Having a Little Lamb being tooted to my "Corey laden with Maurice" right? It is such
a way of imagination in this enterprising environment. More rock me right percussion with Dawk
and Elihoenai-which Nadine** would have moved to Chicago for if she had been there and heard it,
followed by another Daring duoing of what the duo dues best. It somehow concluded - my notes
have disappeared--the notes disappeared and after a few signatures and salutations I ventured
the LSD-north with Antitscipation of what is 2 follow. Thanks to all who partitscipated in what turned
out to be some of the emotional padding necessary for the national news mess that I heard later.
Some things are better left undiscussed. See you around town in more delightful venues AND BRIGHT MOMENTS.

Nadine** (Chuck Berry)
As I got on a city bus and found a vacant seat,
I thought I saw my future bride walkin’ up the street,
I shouted to the driver "hey conductor, you must slow down.
I think I see her please let me off this bus"

Nadine, honey is that you?
Oh, Nadine. Honey, is that you?
Seems like every time I see you darling you got something else to do.

I saw her from the corner when she turned and doubled back
And started walkin’ toward a coffee colored Cadillac
I was pushin’ through the crowd to get to where she’s at
And I was campaign shouting like a southern diplomat.

Nadine, honey is that you?
Oh, Nadine. Honey, is that you?
Seems like every time I see you darling you got something else to do.

Downtown searching for her, looking all around,
Saw her getting in a yellow cab heading up town.
I caught a loaded taxi, paid up everybody’s tab.
With a twenty-dollar bill, told him "catch that yellow cab."

Nadine, honey is that you?
Oh, Nadine. Honey, is that you?
Seems like every time I see you darling you got something else to do.

She moves around like a wave of summer breeze,
Go, driver, go, go, catch her balmy breeze.
Moving through the traffuc like a mounted cavalier
Leaning out the taxi window trying to make her hear.

Nadine, honey is that you?
Oh, Nadine. Honey, is that you?
Seems like every time I see you darling you got something else to do.

another modification.

(Chuck Berry)
As I get on a city bus and found a vacant seat
I thought I saw my future bride walking up the street
I shouted to the driver "Hey conductor, you must slow down,
I think I see her, please let me off the bus!"

Nadine, oh honey is that you?
Oh Nadine, baby is that you?
Seems like every time I see you darling, you work on something new

I saw her from the corner as she turned and doubled back
And started walking towards her coffee coloured cadillac
I'm pushing through the crowd trying to get to where she's at
And I was campaign shouting like a Southern diplomat(???)

Nadine, oh honey is that you?
Oh Nadine, baby is that you?
Seems like every time I see you darling, you work on something new

Well I was downtown searching for her looking all around
I saw her getting in a yellow cab heading uptown
I caught a loaded taxi paid off everybodies tab
I've slipped a twenty dollar bill and said "Catch that yellow cab!"

Nadine, oh honey is that you?
Oh Nadine, baby is that you?
Seems like every time I see you darling, you got something else to do
Oh Nadine

- Guitar Solo -ok JJ here is your op-port-tune-unity.

Well, she moves around like a wayward summer breeze
"Go driver go go, catch her for me please!"
I'm moving through the traffic like a mounted cavalier
Leaning out the taxi window, tryin' to make her hear

Nadine, oh honey is that you?
Oh Nadine, baby is that you?
Seems like every time I see you darling, you work on something new

Oh Nadine
Oh Nadine
Oh Nadine

Oh go driver
Go go
Go driver go
Go driver go
Go go, go go, go go, go go

With a few key notes
Played as a basic rock and roll shuffle

Chuck Berry

I got on a city bus and found a vacant seat, thought I saw my future bride
walking up the street, I shouted to the driver hey conductor, you must slow
down. I think I see her please let me off this bus

A A B9 A E7
Nadine, honey is that you. Oh, Nadine. Honey, is that you? Seems like every
time I see you Darling you got something else to do

[Alternate verse: Seems like every time I catch you, datcha you're up to something new]


Downtown searching for her, looking all around. Saw her getting in a yellow
cab heading up town. I caught a loaded taxi, paid up everybody's tab. With a
twenty dollar bill, told him 'catch that yellow cab.'


She move around like a wave of summer breeze, go, driver, go, go, catch her
balmy breeze. Moving thru the traffic like a mounted cavalier. Leaning out
the taxi window trying to make her hear.



WED DEC 11 9/10:30/midnight GREEN MILL
David Young Sextet starring David Young, trumpet,
Dennis Winslett, alto, soprano sax, Dave Sampson, guitar,
Bryan Nichols, piano, Harrison Bankhead bass,Kobie Watkins, drums
Heard some incredibly great music tonight - David Young Sextet. Wow.....
I've heard David a few times in a few different settings before, but this was
especially very cool - a whole band of favorites including a new to sign the
bday calendar on guitar and a new addition to the local favorite list. Nice
and easy listening--swinging in and out of the Kobebop trees of space and
time, must have been peaked by those trekee shoes Harrison had donned.

Very nice solos and sundry combos were delivered.
Love and Peace to this sextet and to all in webland a pleasant good morning.

Tribute to Ray Brown featuring Monty Alexander, Russell Malone, and John Clayton
My knowledge of these musicians indicates that you should be there or be square. Glad I rounded
out for the Sunday matinee and the 8 and 10 pm sets. My friend Patricia said it best:
"I'm so glad I weathered the cold to go over to the Showcase to czech out Monty Alexander,
John Clayton and Russell Malone last night. I loved every minute of their performance,
and then meeting Monty, John and Russell afterwards!
" Also celebrated Donald Meade's BDAY
in between the matinee and 8 oclock set at Joe's Bebop Cafe - what a nice evening.

SAT DEC 7 MIDNIGHT-4:30AM Green Mill 4802 N. Broadway
Sabertooth converging with Rebel Souls. featuring Pat Malinger-sax, Pete Benson-organ,
Ted Sirota-drums, Kevin Kizer-tenor sax, and for one set in the middle Wisconsin trombone.
if the next Dogma film Michael Sorenson produces needs live jazz, we have a footage
start. When will you be digital?

SAT DEC 7 8PM-MIDNIGHT Green Mill 4802 N. Broadway
Ryan Cohan Quartet featuring Taku Akiyama (as,ss), Lorin Cohen (b), Nori Tanaka (ds)

Saw the last two songs - they were excellent - leaves you wanting more.

GENE SISKEL FILM CENTER 164 North State Street in Chicago. (312) 787-3312 or (312) 644-7735.
Synopsis: "Some people think that when you save a person's life, you become responsible for that life.
Do you believe that?" In Converging With Angels, a world-weary sex worker (Dylan Thomas) impulsively
takes in a drunk, fragile young woman who is in distress (Allison Campbell), hoping to force some measure
of redemption in a life that is financially comfortable, but morally and spiritually bankrupt. Fresh from a
series of emotional traumas, Allison is distrustful and not so easily rescued, though over a period of two
days she comes to regard her idealization of Dylan as a last opportunity for security and happiness.
In the throes of falling for one another, they are soon forced to deal with the bitter realities of their lives
prior to that chance encounter.
Principal Cast: Allison Campbell - Melissa Muniz, Dylan Thomas - Robert Tobin, Luci Hansen - Lisa Hunter
Carleen Dorsett - Anne Mayer
The Filmmakers: Producers - Thomas Jamroz & Degas Vertov, Director - Michael Sorenson,
Writers - Alija Sighvatsson & Michael Sorenson, Director of Photography - Kimberly Kyle
Editor - Antonia Tighe & Degas Vertov
Total Running Time: 162 Minutes
Special Note: Be advised that this unrated film deals frankly with mature themes, and is not suitable for children.
Very interesting movie. Very Abstract Entercontainment Experience tonight. 1 has 2 much fun
The producers, actors, actresses were part of the audience and also answered questions.

My Libran horoscope today (Thurday, December 5th, 2002) reads: You may be a little tired
from all that eclipse excitement but the universe offers you a little bit of relaxation at this point.
Loyalty and love have special importance; the Moon in your 4th house offers you the chance
to show someone how much you truly love them. This is a great day to let them know that
you are there through the rough waters and the calm seas.

The eclipse excitement started out with the Orbert Davis sextet.

Trump ORBERT DAVIS SEXTET, saxy Ari Brown, bone Tracy Kirk, piano Ryan Cohan,
bassie Lorin Cohen, drummer Kobie Watkins
Very, very entertaining. Ari Brown on tenor, Tracy Kirk on trombone, Ryan Cohan on piano,
Lorin Cohen on bass, and Kobie I forgot how fun Watkins on drums. And of course Orbert
Davis on trumpet and flugelhorn - A PRIORITY kind of evening.

Continued Thursday night.
THU DEC 5 - 8PM/Free concert Fulton Recital Hall, University of Chicago, 1010 E. 59th.
773-702-8069. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO JAZZ X-TET under the direction of Mwata Bowden
Another Xciting, Xcellent Xtet performance. As always educational through and through.
From the program notes: The 2002-2003 X-TET members include saxophones Dave Burkett,
Joel Campos, Dave Grilly, Anil Iyengar, Alan Mardinly; trumpets Steven Lange, Gabriel Torres,
Tim Splain (X-Splain-tet?) trombones Chris Bremer, Daniel Gingold, John Orcutt, and
Rhythm Section Slava Balasanov, guitar, Ben Paterson, piano, Dan Siakel, drums, Mark
Vazquez, bass, and Mwata Boden, conductor. Tonights program included Benny Golson's
jimmy Heath's BIG P, and Bob Mintzer's TREASURE HUNT. Don't miss the next peformance
in Thursday March 6, 2003 (9th week of semester) when it will be Blues based with guest
Jazz Me Blue, Yoko Noge in a program specially aranged by Mwata Bowden of
"Blues from Around the World". We can move the benches and dance if the spirit moves.

THU DEC 5 - Gateway Bar & Grill Juli Wood and Jordan Baskin
Just heard two numbers but they were Xcellent as well, I will go back on Thursday Dec
19 for a completer session.

The Thursday night fare at the Ramada Inn lake Shore Drive at
4900 S. Lake Shore Drive 773-288-5800 has been moved to
Fridays, 7 – 11 p.m., for J.J. and the Masters and to
Saturdays, 8 p.m. – 12 midnight, for The Bob Johnson Quartet

Dining in Chicago is a great experience any time of the year. Here are a few events and festivals
that make it particularly special All include musical entertainment along with lots of great food:
Here are some nice tips--czech before you go - let your fingers do the walking:

So every0ne out there this website is for you!
It will be here through the rough and calm
waters of Lake Michigan's shores,
and is created with extra love just for you.

By the way, My weekly (DEC 1-DEC 7) Libran horoscope reads:
Ready, set go! You're on the starting blocks of life, Libra - ready to launch into a fast-paced
week ahead. An eclipse and new moon turn the energy dial up to out of control. You
certainly won't have much time to catch your breath. Any change you had of recovering
from all the recent running around you've been doing or taking care of personal or
professional business, isn't going to happen. So snap yourself back to attention and put
the finishing touches on important plans or projects going on around you.

OK, OK the sub WebPages are being developed.
Stay in tune and tuned. B-sharp and C-natural
Or is it B-natural and C-sharp?
Only your menza would know.


Supreme Love, Hope, and Peace,