*************** RE-BOP-BECCA REVIEWS ****************


Larry Coryell, w Larry Gray, Paul Wertico, at the SHOWCASE

Saw the last three of nine sets Larry Coryell played in Chitown.
Whew!  He was smokin’ in a non-smoking club.
It was a pleasure to see a guitar TRIO.  Especially with Gray and Wertico (where to go, Vertigo).   

(Set 7 of 9) 4:30 set tunes  (well I arrived around 4:45—more tunes than this, I did not take notes)

5 and 7 Bars tune—Go ahead and count them.  Parents show your children. 

“I noticed the trains sounded like the drums.  It is all connected”…hey see my review of Hamid Drake-Michael Zerang at the Solstice Sunrise Service.  Talk about connected.  I gelled an incredible parking spot right out front of the Showcase.

Back to the tunes

He did some incredible stuff.  Boppin’, dancin’, music. 
There was great synergy in the band, with Larry Gray and Paul Wertico. 
His pre-released CDs were sold out.
He had promised to do some Miles. 
So he finished with All Blues.
Click for a sample inside this link
Press-> http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/jazz/jazzlibrary/allblues.shtml

As he started, a baby whimpered,”Yeah the baby’s got the blues, All blues.”

I nice break for Spanish Tapas down at Iberico’s. 


(Set 8 of 9) 8:30 set tunes. Patricia showed up for her post Bday celebration.
1.  Inner Urge (Joe Henderson)

2.  Dragon Gate (Coryell)
3.  In a Sentimental Mood
4.  Rhapsody and Blues (w/ apologies to Gershwin)…did I hear the Star Trek theme?
5.  A Montgomery Tune—you know the one.
6.  There was some Monk and Bags Groove in there too.

(Set 9 of 9) 10:00 set tunes
1.  Autumn Leaves
2.  Alone Together (he dedicated to Monica and Bill)
3.  Naima (Coltrane)  P and I were just having a conversation of “Oh, I love that song” last week.  It started out with Wertico on 2 mallets, then 1 mallet + 1 stick, then 2 sticks.  Fine, Fine. Fine.
4.  Someday my Prinz will come.
5.  Moments Notice (Coltrane)
6.  What’s New?
7.  A track off of Coltrane’s
Interstellar Space Revisited, The Music of John Coltrane, Gregg Bendian (drums, percussion, vibraphones) Nels Cline (electric guitar) (which has Tracks: Mars, Leo, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Lonnie's Lament).  Although I thought Larry said it was called Space is Revisited, so maybe he wrote that version off the lines of Coltrane.  I’ll revisit that space at a later date.  Did I hear, just get me to the church on time? Yes, it is all related. 

Drummer and Percussionist Fredy Study, who was a listener tonight, will be having a concert at the church: ”
FIRST MEETING" "3030", W. Cortland, Chicago, USA , also known as the church, Jim Baker, harp analog-synthesizer/
keyboard,  Terri Kapsalis, violin/electronics,  Jen Clare Paulson, viola,  Liz Payne, double-bass/viola, Fredy Studer, drums/percussion Thursday, January 23, 2003.   There are a few other ones at various venues. Czech out jazzin’ with zebra libra at