Held at the Velvet Lounge in Chicago

with Ernest Dawkins, Ari Brown, Kirk Brown, Harrison Bankhead, and Isaiah Spencer


Saturday's Coltrane tribute with Ernest Dawkins, Ari Brown, Kirk Brown, Harrison Bankhead, and Isaiah Spencer at the Velvet was tremendous.  Brimmin’ with lots of Love Supreme. 


The first song Equinox (how appropriate as the date was 09/20 –09/21!) started with an Ari Brown solo on tenor leading the trio talent of the rhythm section, switched to Ernest Dawkins leading the trio on his bad, black alto sax, reduced to Kirk Brown’s piano leading the trio, Harrison Bankhead’s bass leading the dynamic drumming duo, and finally to Isaiah drumming some dominant pieces with the rest filling in at intervals.  This piece was finished in full by the quintet in unison.


Lady Bird and Giant Steps - with some kind of stolen moments
intro and ending.

Douglas Ewart came in for the last set, just as I was mentioning
to Harrison I had just posted his event on Oct 5.  He brought some
flyers/posters for Crepuscule and I had one autographed.  I have
so much stuff now, what the h-ll, one more poster will be even

A woman named "Piper" had requested to hear "In a Sentimental
Mood" because when she thinks of "Coltrane", that song comes
to mind.  So they put it in-between "Lonnie's Lament", which
was a funky-could really dance to it-re-arrangement and
"Countdown" in which Ari's whaling for 20 minutes or so
dwarfed anything heard previously.  They ended with "Mr.
PC".  And just as I was thinking it would be cool to see Ari
play the two saxes (tenor/soprano) at once because it is so
funny and cool, he did it.  I loved seeing Ari with Pharoah
Sanders a few weeks ago, too.

Isaiah (I say ahhhh) was just smokin' and demanding full throttle
from the rest of the band.   Of course, the sound of Ernest on his bad, black
alto and sundry percussion is a consistent wakeup within my soul.  Guess
I was due for a premium fill-up!  Same with Harrison-he just
keeps getting better in his diverse capabilities.

Kirk was saying how he's not used to working/thinking this hard
- usually only does two short sets and they get out early...hah!
I reminded him they only did two sets (well actually it was three
sets with only one break - the last set was almost two hours.  I
also love Kirk's piano stuff too.  Ari said he is getting his piano
chops back up too now that he has a piano at the house.

Ari has a jam session at Green Dolphin Street on Thursdays
Thursdays, 8 PM, GREEN DOLPHIN STREET 2200 N. Ashland, Chicago
773-395-0066 jam session hosted by Ari Brown Trio (no cover).

I know all the guys so well so maybe it helped to have the zebra libra vibe. 

Douglas Ewart sitting out in the audience was blowing an improvised sound
from his Beck's beer bottle near the end of the show and screaming out cheers

especially for the 20 or so minute solos.  Don't miss the next one! (Coltrane tribute, that is)

I also found out the first two weeks of October's schedule from Fred...
I will post if I get time today, although it is not official until next week.
(Oct 2 New Horizons, Oct 3- 2 bands Jeb Bishop/Dave Rempis
(Oct 4 Nichole Mitchell and Black Earth).  I was overjoyed at
hearing the AACM big band is slotted to play my bday weekend
(Fri Oct 10) and Sat Oct 11 - OH BOY!